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Where Can We Go For Help? 

Registered speech-language pathologists are clinical professionals, usually trained to the master’s level or beyond, who provide assessment and treatment of aphasia. Other important members of the rehabilitation team for people with aphasia may include their own family doctor, a neurologist, a physiatrist (rehabilitation medicine doctor), neuropsychologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, social worker and community organizations like the Stroke Recovery Association of BC.

The person with aphasia and their family members and close friends are always the most important members of the team and should be involved in treatment decisions.  In British Columbia, most major hospitals and rehabilitation centres have at least one speech-language pathologist on staff; ask for a referral to this person. Many hospitals also provide outpatient treatment, where people can come in to the hospital for appointments after discharge in order to receive speech and language therapy.

Only a few public health units in BC have speech-language pathologists who treat adults with aphasia as most health units offer speech services only to young children. After discharge from hospital, many British Columbians with aphasia seek the services of private practice speech-language pathologists. In addition to iTAWC, Columbia Speech and Language Services, Inc. offers private therapy to people with aphasia in our offices in West Vancouver or Vancouver, or, for an additional travel fee, in people’s own homes.

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