Our Clients

Intensive aphasia program groupPictured: Our iTAWC family!  2013 iTAWC participants and their family & friends, iTAWC clinical and administrative staff, and S-LP student interns.

At the heart of our program are our clients and their family members and loved ones. Our clients are individuals with aphasia, most commonly more than one year post-onset of their aphasia, of any age. We at iTAWC firmly believe that people with aphasia are capable of making improvement no matter how long they have been living with aphasia.

In Their Own Words

Here is what some clients and family members have to say about their experiences in our intensive aphasia program:

I recommend this program to everyone. (Penny) Very educational information and wonderful insight to my friend's continued well being. (Doris)
Penny, iTAWC client, and Doris (best friend)
Coquitlam, BC
This program is excellent! If you need to learn to talk - do it! (Darrien) It's inspirational! (Darrien's partner)
Darrien, iTAWC client and her partner
Vancouver, BC
We made the trip from Calgary and found the program well worth the trip. The staff was great!
Mike Dietrich, husband of iTAWC client Ying
Calgary, AB
We got everything we wanted from the program and a vacation in Vancouver! We highly recommend this course.
iTAWC client Tom Johnstone and wife Robin
Kelowna, BC

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Constraint Induced Language Therapy


Pictured below are Dave and Debra S. who also made a long journey from their home in Utah to participate. This is what they have to say about iTAWC:

Dave and Debra S Utah
The four (really five) week intensive aphasia rehab camp was a wonderful help to Dave (and me). The course design is very effective, from coffee and cookies through very hard and productive classes, to group discussion at day’s end. Dave’s speech improved, both quantitatively and qualitatively. As a bonus, his self confidence (and mine) got a boost. Very worth the trip from Utah.  – Debra

Fantastic! I have better speech. Thank you.  – Dave

client improving speech after intensive speech therapy