iTAWC (Intensive Treatment for Aphasia in Western Canada)

iTAWC (pronounced “I-talk”) is the first and only intensive aphasia program available in all of Western Canada.  Located in beautiful Vancouver, we provide evidence-based, personalized, intensive aphasia therapy.  Although our aphasia program location in Vancouver, British Columbia may provide especially convenient access to those in western Canada (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) and the western United States (Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah), we welcome clients from all corners of Canada and the United States.

Our program is an “ICAP” (standing for Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program) and is one of only a handful of such programs world-wide. Within iTAWC, we provide treatment that is recovery-based alongside treatment that is focused on increasing social participation. Technology is used as appropriate for our clients for reaching both of these goals. Please take A Closer Look at our program to learn more about the structure and approaches used.

Register for 4-week Intensive Aphasia Clinic

Our  fall 2021 program is open for registration on a first-come-first-served basis. It will take place at our wheelchair accessible offices, conveniently located on West Broadway in Vancouver close to several major rapid transit routes including Skytrain. For further registration details or information please check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us at or 604-875-9100.

Mission Statement

At iTAWC, our mission is to provide evidenced-based therapy and treatment for people with aphasia, focused on both recovery of function and increased social participation; to build capacity for aphasia treatment by providing clinical training for future clinicians; and to provide a foundation upon which future research into aphasia treatment can be conducted.

aphasia treatment and therapyCore Values and Beliefs

  • The ability to communicate is an essential component of an individual’s quality of life
  • Each person with aphasia is an individual who must be respected as an expert in their own aphasia and their own aphasia symptoms; their treatment must be personalized to their goals and needs
  • People with chronic aphasia can improve their communication regardless of time post onset, with appropriately focused and intense aphasia treatment
  • The social network of people with aphasia is an essential part of their lives and their recovery in and out of therapy
  • Future service delivery to people with aphasia will be enhanced by future clinicians receiving increased exposure both to people with aphasia and to current evidence-based treatment methods as part of their clinical training
  • Future research into the efficacy of various aphasia treatment methods is necessary

We are now accepting registrations for our fall 2021 program on a first come first served basis.  

Call us today at 604-875-9100 or email with your questions or to register. For further information regarding our intensive aphasia program, refer to the sections below:

About Us

Program and Registration info.


A Closer Look

Take a tour of the iTAWC program.


About Aphasia

Learn more about aphasia and intensive therapy.